3D RealDoll Beta

Are you still looking for love? Have you tried looking ON-LINE? How about virtual girlfriends? They’re all the rage these days. You too can experience the bliss of another’s love. Install 3D RealDoll Beta TODAY!


Pick up your installer from the Ingrown store.


X.Y.R. – Tourist 180g LP


Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 12.27.23 PM

We are honored and delighted to announce a 180g 12″ white vinyl release of X.Y.R.’s tourist. Just in time for those end of summer vibes and early fall feelings. Please join us in welcoming X.Y.R. to the Ingrown family.

Available now in the Ingrown store.

Corsica Annex – Fluid Electric


New ambient project from Brooklyn based Andrew Dickey, who has a few other releases on Illuminated Paths as LENT and Lurker Bias as Eigenface.

Cassette available now in the Ingrown store.

Meme Vivaldi – Black Ferrari


Read the writeup on Tiny Mix Tapes.

More cassette madness from the magickal mind behind Afrika Pseudobruitismus.

Cassette available now in the Ingrown store.

Available digitally from Pedicure Records.

Treasure Hunt – Space Jam


This was a live recording concert at the FMRJE Factory in which the
recorded concert music was sent to Dallas, Texas experimental musician, Treasure Hunt, for him to do an in-studio performance with FMRJE concert tracks; this collaborative process has produced a recording available in digital and physical formats for distribution by Ingrown Records and Roof Garden Records.

Cassette available now from the Ingrown store.

Digital download available from Roof Garden Records.

Plake 64 & The Hexagrams – VIDYUTAYA

a collection of quickly flowing micro-ragas, navigating the realm born of the primordial sound.

Vidyutaya means to gleam or flash as a bolt of lightning; radiance. the fast succession of micro-ragas (condensed alapanam and thalam rendered in bursts) mimics that of a storm wrought with the spectral hues of both creation and destruction. these sounds are a tiny tiny portion of the sound that creates the whole universe; and the ragas are intended to help both performer and listener alike realise NADA , the primodial tonal structure of the goddess manifest as all reality. It is dedicated to Maa Durga and the Holy Family.

Cassette available now from the Ingrown store.



Neverending Audit – Unrealistic Headache

The highly unlikely, totally unbelievable collaboration between- as quoted by MTV2’s Simon Rex- “The pillars of NYC’s underground musical landscape”- Neverending Boyfriend and Nite Audit! Cassette available now from the Ingrown store!