Plake 64 & The Hexagrams – VIDYUTAYA

a collection of quickly flowing micro-ragas, navigating the realm born of the primordial sound.

Vidyutaya means to gleam or flash as a bolt of lightning; radiance. the fast succession of micro-ragas (condensed alapanam and thalam rendered in bursts) mimics that of a storm wrought with the spectral hues of both creation and destruction. these sounds are a tiny tiny portion of the sound that creates the whole universe; and the ragas are intended to help both performer and listener alike realise NADA , the primodial tonal structure of the goddess manifest as all reality. It is dedicated to Maa Durga and the Holy Family.

Cassette available now from the Ingrown store.




Neverending Audit – Unrealistic Headache

The highly unlikely, totally unbelievable collaboration between- as quoted by MTV2’s Simon Rex- “The pillars of NYC’s underground musical landscape”- Neverending Boyfriend and Nite Audit! Cassette available now from the Ingrown store!



Oariana -A Parcel in the Oak Tree

You may remember Oariana from numerous Asheville events over the years, or perhaps from the 2013 split with Anubis Rude, or perhaps from his performance on Notes From The Underground, or through his marvelous label Olivine Freight Tapes.

After much meditation, we are proud to present Oariana’s latest offering: A Parcel in the Oak Tree.



Now available on cassette and digital download from the Ingrown store.

Bong Rodent – lately, sprung up in appalachia


Sweet sapling, heart harkening. Virginia’s Bong Rodent has arrived.

Available now on cassette and digital download.

First Dog – Aw Cute

Honored to have laptop producer and my dear friend Jack Bird from Southern California on our label. If you’ve been following his music, you know that his output is nothing short of prolific. This c64 cassette features exclusive sounds not heard in the digital version. Get it while it’s hot!


Afrika Pseudobruitismus – Outer Space Cultures

Afrika Pseudobruitismus has been tearing it up in the last several years, whether releasing on AMDISCS and Placenta Recordings under his more popular namesake or with his brand new project Meme Vivaldi. Erik Hurtado Saura from Almeria, Spain may tag himself as “new age”, but no matter what way you slice it this is experimental at its finest, with tinges of space noise and drone at play. The result is a truly fantastic record from start to finish. He’s never afraid to push the envelope with his sounds, and once he has a concept it all flows out naturally from him.


You can purchase Outer Space Cultures on a 60 minute cassette or as a digital download. Hit up the Ingrown store.



shamane – my uni face, fart forever

Newest release from shamane is now available on CD and digital download from the Ingrown store! All CD orders come with a 24×18 3D art poster (pictured at the very bottom).

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