Yeah I Know It Sucks’s FUNDERGROUND radio show! episode 3

Last batch on the Yeah I Know It Sucks Radio Show FUNDERGROUND!

Yeah I Know It Sucks

YIKIS presents:
/an adventurous eclectic adventure through the funderground/

Hello and welcome at another epic trip episode of the Funderground, one in which you can expect the unexpected in a one hour long continuous psychedelic mix with here and there some mixed in chit chat and tons of love. If you have an open minded taste you will be delighted to find that this episode will be your best friend! From pretty music, electronic bleeps, beats, tripped out vocals, breakcore, to electro acoustic, drone, noise and the whole adventurous spectrum of all that is between and beyond! it is truly wonderful!

Fun fact is that most of the music played in this episode is coming from netlabels,
so you might find yourself some free downloadable goodies too!

all credits go to the artists – please do check them out (links in the play-list!) and give…

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