shamane – ultra extra on YIKIS

Yeah I Know It Sucks

artist: shamane
title: ultra extra
keywords:  experimental abstract alien ambient autotune drone electronic esoteric exotica new age noise synth vocoder voice Washington
label: Ingrown Records

Sometimes the tag experimental gets used and abused by people who just do whatever anyone else has been doing, but when we really hear something that is planting the flag into ‘experimental’  as the word was intended for; real minds are blown apart in many lucky pieces! My mind was all over the place, but luckily the many unpaid assistants at the YIKIS office brushed all the pieces back together and stuck it all nicely back in through a unlucky nose hole. It was very nice of them that they did that, as without a brain I would probably not be able to report on ‘ultra extra’, the album that was solidly responsible for the brain explosion!

An album indeed nicely tucked in the experimental…

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