Palm Era in Yeah I Know It Sucks

Yeah I Know It Sucks

artist: Suculenta
title: Palm Era
keywords: experimental ambient dance drone electronic lofi new age noise plunderphonics tape music techno toys toytronica Virginia
label: Ingrown Records

Cute and filled with electronic fun
grooves for feeling good and loved by all
drums for dancing, hot as the sun
sweet magic sounds are having a ball

reluctantly relaxed, experimental and short
with nice sounds of low fidelity
enter it freely and on your own accord
making you feel enlighed in sobrity

Palm Era is the delivered of Suculenta
a cute toytronic spectacle compact and nice
playful anf filling like a pasta or polenta
more funkier than chicken fried rice

artist: Watergate Sandals
title: Presidential Bootleg
keywords: punk blues rock surf rock blues rock garage punk garage rock noise rock psychedelic rock santa cruz Spring
label: Under The Counter Tapes

Things are rumbling over here
the punks are dabbling in distortion

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