the flowers of arcadia on YIKIS

Yeah I Know It Sucks

Artist: odd person
Title: the flowers of arcadia
Keywords: experimental ambient drone electronic new age noise Virginia
Label: Ingrown Records

I was very confused at first. I’m always slightly confused but when hearing the start of this pretty release of music I was even a notch more confused than normal, the solid reason was that before it had started to play I had been sitting next to an open window listening to the happy sound of early morning birds. Now when the music on this release by odd person started to play it was as if it slipped in a 3D layer of the exciting birds singing moments. Slowly but surely overtaking the normality of the outside world and sucking me in as a listener towards a pretty lush world in which kind and gentle electronic music goes hand in hand with the wonders of nature, the kind in which…

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odd person – the flowers of arcadia


Our friendship with odd person (Somnaphon, August Traeger) goes all the way back to our first ever project, the Spring Sprouts tape compilation, which August provided a track for back in 2011. Since then he’s been busy helming Bicephalic Records and cranking out righteous music and art for your consumption.

His debut on Ingrown does more than just take the listener on a journey. Drawing from nature, animals, and the elements, “the journey” is something living and breathing all its own. If Arcadia is a place, it seems like it is a super-natural and transient one, just like those grand forests of old that migrate over time.

Check out this video straight from the artist for the track gardens of illuminated passage.

“an exotic tropical jungle of electronic music” – Yeah I Know It Sucks

the flowers of arcadia is available now on Ingrown.

Palm Era – Suculenta


Claudio Cisterna’s latest outing on cassette tape deviates from the more polished sounds of his Chiodata ambient project and other recent solo techno works to approach a more lo-fi outing that fits more spiritually with 2015’s Coincidental release on Illuminated Paths.

“Very subtle techno with a potent and mysterious vibe” -Eternity TREE

Suculenta is available now on Ingrown Records.

ultra extra on Eternity TREE

Eternity Tree


Shamane back y’all! A proclamation stated on the releases bandcamp page – ultra extra is the latest full length project from prolific techno-weirdo Pop Culture Shamane! Lush with psychedelic electronic exploration and noodling, it is easy to get lost in this project. Dense textures wash over innocent melodies, all being propelled forward by deconstructed club grooves. It’s truly a satisfying listen from start-to-finish. The album has just been released via Ingrown Records, if you download via bandcamp you will receive a 27-page booklet of shamane rhymes “i can eat my slang” which is equally as twisted-brilliant. If you aren’t familiar with the work of Shamane NOW IS THE TIME!!

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