??? on Yeah I Know It Sucks

??? on Yeah I Know It Sucks

Yeah I Know It Sucks

Artist: ???
Title: thouechocaves
Keywords: experimental ambient drone electronic new age noise Virginia
Label: Ingrown Records

While deeply tucked away under the blankets my ears opened up like an bewildered flower. I heard some voices, perhaps it was just one but it felt as if it had been many. There had been also nice sounds of music that gently took the outside bits of my ears and pulled it kindly as if they wanted to extent my hearing range. Half with my eyes closed I listened as the voices spoke no words and still managed to tell me a lots of things.

Things about warmth, about a little summers rain, a kind hearted hug of love that had to come out of a dreamland in which everything was nice and well.
Something about the bells in an old tower, a breath of roses and a heart of gentle intension…


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