Meme Vivaldi – 420 Deluxe


Our old friend Meme Vivaldi returns with a deluxe version of a very limited tape release from the previous year 2017.

The prehistoric man, the neolithic myth, the supra-ancient legend is back! Meme Vivaldi (Afrika Pseudobruitismus) returns to Ingrown for their third cassette with us and we couldn’t be more honored and excited to present this very special release to you.

More than just a re-issue, 420 Deluxe builds on a very limited self-release to offer three times the art and twice the tunes. You could call it part album, part live performance, and part unreleased music! You know when erik puts his mind to it, the art is going to be fantastic and the sounds both silly, engaging, and absolutely spectacular. The sides may be pretty self-contained but each one is a wacky thrill ride from start to finish. Included on the B-Side is an unreleased (and extra spectacular) Afrika Pseudobruitismus track, as well as a live performance recording from 2016. That’s right, we’re putting out unreleased Afrika Pseudobruitismus in 2018!!!

Meme Vivaldi’s 420 Deluxe now available on Chrome cassette in the Ingrown store.


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