Bong Rodent – lately, sprung up in appalachia


Sweet sapling, heart harkening. Virginia’s Bong Rodent has arrived.

Available now on cassette and digital download.

First Dog – Aw Cute

Honored to have laptop producer and my dear friend Jack Bird from Southern California on our label. If you’ve been following his music, you know that his output is nothing short of prolific. This c64 cassette features exclusive sounds not heard in the digital version. Get it while it’s hot!


Afrika Pseudobruitismus – Outer Space Cultures

Afrika Pseudobruitismus has been tearing it up in the last several years, whether releasing on AMDISCS and Placenta Recordings under his more popular namesake or with his brand new project Meme Vivaldi. Erik Hurtado Saura from Almeria, Spain may tag himself as “new age”, but no matter what way you slice it this is experimental at its finest, with tinges of space noise and drone at play. The result is a truly fantastic record from start to finish. He’s never afraid to push the envelope with his sounds, and once he has a concept it all flows out naturally from him.


You can purchase Outer Space Cultures on a 60 minute cassette or as a digital download. Hit up the Ingrown store.



shamane – my uni face, fart forever

Newest release from shamane is now available on CD and digital download from the Ingrown store! All CD orders come with a 24×18 3D art poster (pictured at the very bottom).

album cover11777440_494849353998801_1044144005_o



The Big Drum in the Sky Religion – Sweetheart of the Ashvamedha


{CD Available Now – Now Shipping}

We’re very excited to finally be able to put this out. Recorded live in Harrisonburg, VA way back in 2013. Featuring Brown Hat The Espresso Shaman, Jaguardini, Zooanzoo, and Sprit Bear. You may recall that those last two artists record and perform together as Medicine Calf, a group who released a split with BDSR on Ingrown last year.

Goat Lightning – Light That Blinds

Will McCall’s latest solo effort is now available from the Ingrown store. From Goat Lightning’s bandcamp page: “Light that Blinds is a soundtrack to an imagined film. The story of isolationism, fear, love, and death in space.”

Check out GL’s video for Hyperactivity below.




Anubis Rude – Genie Lamp (C30 Tape – Olivine Freight Tapes)

We’ve got several copies of Anubis Rude’s Genie Lamp cassette for sale here.

Check out some of Olivine Freight Tapes other offerings here.


Derek Poteat – The Father No Longer Remembers The Son (CD)

VERY LIMITED RUN// Available now from the Ingrown store.


Feldgrau’s Locusta (CD) and Ephemeral Decay’s Worth (cassette) are now available from the Ingrown store!


Medicine Calf’s split cassette with The Big Drum in the Sky Religion is now available from the Ingrown store. 63 minutes of wicked techno, noise, and other acoustical experimentations.


wowow copy


City Dragon’s dogs dogs cassette and Anubis Rude’s Twisted Shifter CD are now available from the Ingrown store! Hooray! More stuff coming soon.


Spring Sprouts is now available on cassette for just $6! Go grab it!


Human Energy Field’s Vitals and Force Balance CDs are now available from the Ingrown store


Thanks so much for coming out to our 4 year anniversary fest! It was a blast.


We are pleased to announce Treasure Hunt’s Adult Magic is out now on CD! You may remember Treasure Hunt from his track on the Spring Sprouts compilation way back in 2012. That will be getting a tape release (finally) and is available for pre-order. Check out Electric Outlaw’s mystical video for Spectre and hear the whole album below.

The CD is just $6 before shipping (which is a steal) so pick it up if you dig it! You won’t regret it.


city dragon is Max Kaario from Paris, France. He uses saxophone, recorder, loops, drums, microphones, and various other instruments and effects to create some really sweet music that lies somewhere in the range of ambient free jazz and more heavier, ritual-powered noise structures. Max organizes the Computer Mathematics concert series in his homeland and we’re quite honored to have him on our label. Check out his broken in time video for plotinus below. dogs dogs cassette coming soon.


Rwssllyzapaggatran is comprised of Aaron and Russ, two noisy young teenagers from Phoenix who make most of their songs with nothing more than microphones and a lot of computer effects. We’re pleased to announce a tape of some of their greatest hits as well as a few new jams they made specifically for us. Check out Electric Outlaw’s movie mashup video for Fiesta and the full album of ear-blasting weirdness below. Tape coming soon.


The 2013 Festival Compilation is now available for purchase on CD. I think this is the strongest compilation I’ve ever heard. Tons of great noise, ambient, and psychedelic tracks from terrific artists. Only $6. Pick one up today, once they’re gone they’re gone!


Psychodelic Froth are three Baltimore dudes who aren’t new to making the good noise. They’re also in Tendrills and have various other projects of their own. CD available now for only $6. Listen below.

Froth live at The Holy Underground in Baltimore.



Expect some physical releases starting sometime this year. Super excited to finally get things rolling. Feel free to send something in for submission.


Thanks so much to everyone who helped set up, played, or came out to the festival. We had a really good time and still feel really good about it. Videos are now online.


THE FESTIVAL STARTS TONIGHT! PLEASE COME OUT! We can’t do it without you! We appeared on Asheville FM’s Notes From the Underground and Beyond the Realm of Comprehension to talk a little bit about the history of Ingrown and this year’s festival. You can stream those shows at their respective pages on Asheville Fm.

Stream the festival compilation below. Put together by J. Ryan Boye and Ryan Anthony Watson, of MOSS and Ingrown Records.


Our first release is here! Pick up the Anubis Rude / Oariana split at the festival or any upcoming show!


Thank you so very much for all the support and love in 2012. We have quite a lot in the works right now, including our first batch of tape releases. We are happy to announce that Ingrown 2013 will be held at Apothecary in Asheville, NC on May 3rd and May 4th. We are expanding to two days and over twenty acts. Headliners include Clang Quartet, XAMBUCA, Nest Egg, and Cult of Riggonia. Former performers Bryce Eiman, Anubis Rude, and I am Just a Pupil will return.. We will keep you posted as more develops. Can’t wait to see you there!

Festival Event Page:

There will also be an Experimental Asheville stage at this year’s Asheville electro-music festival. Expect fantastic performances from villages, Oariana and the Master Cylinders, Human Energy Field, Andy Loebs, and hypnic jerk.

Electro-music Event Page:

Balloon Animal Farm is now Mushigo Palm.
Andy Loebs has a “new” album on the Ingrown bandcamp under the name Southern Racing Inferno.
Anubis Rude has a new website here. He has several new EPs.
Electrophonic Ghost is now I am Just a Pupil.
Anubis Rude and Drum Scum have collaborated to become RUDE SCUM.
2013 will see releases from Anubis Rude, Oariana and the Master Cylinders, Andy Loebs, Brett Spivey, and many more we can’t tell you about just yet! Expect some tapes for sale at the festival!





Our second annual experimental music festival will be held in Asheville on May 1st at 84B Walnut Street, which is across the street from Zambras in the middle of downtown. Come on out!


Ánubis Rude – Séance

Electrophonic Ghost – Escapism


Winter is over, for those it actually reached. Spring Sprouts is here. Physical release on cassette sometime this month in edition of 25. The tracklisting is as follows:

Side A
Derek Poteat – Abbreviat
Tearo – Lets Die A.I.
Tesla Recoils – The Penal Colony
Treasure Hunt – Dillard’s Shopping
Orphaned Holograms – Ascension Dimension Disintegration
Wyss – A JPEG Jam
Balloon Animal Farm – Indigo Plateau
Bryce Eiman – The Corm Tunic

Side B
Somnaphon – My Auto Rotating Shirt
Caucasians – Pious Bias
Hybrination – Set It On Fire
Dead Chimp – Twisted Fuck
JoieJoieJoie – Les Iguanes
The Goat – Parallel Spheres
First Dog – Perdido

Sorry if your track isn’t here, I loved each and every submission and it was a rather difficult task picking what best flowed together and reached the right amount of time. We’re going to do more of these in the future, and as always you are welcome to submit for a release all your own! Special thanks to everyone who participated.




The Fringe Festival was fantastic! Thanks to Jocelyn, Jim, Daniel, Michelle, Kathleen, the performers, Della, and everyone else who came out and made Fringe happen! Quite excitedly and with footage from the festival, Human Energy Field may be featured in a documentary on Asheville’s art scene. So far the only press we’ve been able to find has been this article from the Mountain Xpress.


Ryan Watson and Josh Clark have started a new project called Endless Haze. They are currently working on finishing up a full-length for tape release sometime soon. Josh has also just finished a new EP as Electrophonic Ghost, while just about everyone else is working on various releases of their own. We hope to have a great launch in 2012.


We are looking for people with graphic design skills to help design us a logo, banner, wallpaper, anything they can contribute. If you think you can help out please drop us a line.

I’ll leave you with a video of Human Energy Field’s debut performance last month. There will be more Human Energy Field in the future.


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