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shamane – ultra extra on YIKIS

Yeah I Know It Sucks

artist: shamane
title: ultra extra
keywords:  experimental abstract alien ambient autotune drone electronic esoteric exotica new age noise synth vocoder voice Washington
label: Ingrown Records

Sometimes the tag experimental gets used and abused by people who just do whatever anyone else has been doing, but when we really hear something that is planting the flag into ‘experimental’  as the word was intended for; real minds are blown apart in many lucky pieces! My mind was all over the place, but luckily the many unpaid assistants at the YIKIS office brushed all the pieces back together and stuck it all nicely back in through a unlucky nose hole. It was very nice of them that they did that, as without a brain I would probably not be able to report on ‘ultra extra’, the album that was solidly responsible for the brain explosion!

An album indeed nicely tucked in the experimental…

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Gut Fauna – Magicicada


Rounding out this early fall batch is Gut Fauna. Our latest addition to the label deliver on this powerful release and physical debut. We’re thrilled to get to work with them and can’t wait for what comes next! Art by Zoie Reamer.

Now available from the Ingrown store.

Oariana – A Pear on the Wind


Our pal returns with a spiritual successor of sorts to 2016’s A Parcel in the Oak Tree. Oariana has been busy with crucial releases on Bad Cake Records and Olivine Freight Tapes, and you may recall them from our very first physical release way back in 2013. We are so happy to be working together again. This release features beautiful artwork by Hannah Bunzey and Jake Pugh.

Now available to order from the Ingrown Store.

Magic From Space – 🎶 4 HSP ć ASMR vol. 2


Our favorite space magician returns with a few more tricks up their sleeve. vol 2 isn’t just a follow-up to last year’s Magic From Space on Ingrown Records. This album has carved out its own identity. It is far more different than it is similar. The sound and energy have evolved to be even funkier, dancier, and electric than ever before. Even the art is vastly altered. No trace of the original is left. This is a new thing and it is great. We like new things.

Cassette now available to order from the Ingrown Store!

Aloes + odd person in Cassette Gods!

Aloes Cassette

Odd Person Cassette

Palm Era in Yeah I Know It Sucks

Yeah I Know It Sucks

artist: Suculenta
title: Palm Era
keywords: experimental ambient dance drone electronic lofi new age noise plunderphonics tape music techno toys toytronica Virginia
label: Ingrown Records https://ingrown.wordpress.com/

Cute and filled with electronic fun
grooves for feeling good and loved by all
drums for dancing, hot as the sun
sweet magic sounds are having a ball

reluctantly relaxed, experimental and short
with nice sounds of low fidelity
enter it freely and on your own accord
making you feel enlighed in sobrity

Palm Era is the delivered of Suculenta
a cute toytronic spectacle compact and nice
playful anf filling like a pasta or polenta
more funkier than chicken fried rice


artist: Watergate Sandals
title: Presidential Bootleg
keywords: punk blues rock surf rock blues rock garage punk garage rock noise rock psychedelic rock santa cruz Spring
label: Under The Counter Tapes https://counterzine.com

Things are rumbling over here
the punks are dabbling in distortion

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