HEALERS co. – After Midnight on YIKIS

Yeah I Know It Sucks

artist: HEALERS co.
title: After Midnight
keywords: experimental ambient drone new age psychedelic vaporwave Fairfax
label: Ingrown Records

With enough sparkling sensations that are similar to the movements of a over excited moth that had just popped out of its cocoon, colorfully exploring its strangely colored rainbow wings for the very first time; ‘creature of the night’ flops out of the speakers, deliriously energetically flapping its presence around, leaving a nice instant trail of glitter dust all over the area.

From here you might think nice things will appear and happen, but apparently the colorful moth had chosen to morph into something else, as apparently we are being quickly greeted by a happy go lucky cannibal, who reluctantly rock and rolls around the dark corners with a great appetite for your fresh love meat. Oh yeah, baby! You read it right! Can’t blame the cannibal, as indeed you and me…

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Gut Fauna – Magicicada on YIKIS

Thanks to Yeah I Know It Sucks!

Yeah I Know It Sucks

artist: Gut Fauna
title: Magicicada
keywords: experimental ambient drone new age psychedelic vaporwave Fairfax
label: Ingrown Records https://ingrown.wordpress.com/

I’ve become fairly familiar with Magicicada when it had become part of my daily listening ritual.
It has that high replay appeal that I use it as a good morning wake-up call instead of the buzzing alarming bells of a digital morning clock. Instead of waking up frustrated, hitting the snooze option with a foaming face of frustration, I wake up now nice and shimmering in a bed full of love.

It’s at first the Alexa Daydream that stands next to my bed, clearly being the ideal masterpiece to lure anyone out of their deepest well deserved sleeps into the one that is so called ‘reality’. It does this with such a high alluring sense of musicality that it feels as if some forests nymphs had taken the time to stand in…

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CZA on Golden Ratio Frequencies!


The Neverending Trio on The Tome!


Yeah I Know It Sucks’s FUNDERGROUND radio show! episode 4

Neverending Trio, Palm Era, and Gut Fauna in this episode!

Yeah I Know It Sucks

YIKIS presents:
/an adventurous eclectic adventure through the funderground/

We should have waited for Friday, but now that most people don’t know which day it is anymore (besides we will still be alive?) ; here we are! EPISODE 4 of the fabulous FUNDERGROUND- offering you A nice way of traveling, while staying home!!

It’s an extremely dense and fully packed episode, so much so that there had been no chats – just a immersively pure quality trip into the diversity that the independent music world has to offer. A psychedelic trip in which a diversity of music and sound is lovingly waved into one audio painting to enjoy and hopefully discover new music along the way! Expend your mind, enlarge your taste and enjoy the ultimate fun mix! Expect the unexpected and hear your favorite underground music in a complete different light! Hope you’ll be…

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Yeah I Know It Sucks’s FUNDERGROUND radio show! episode 3

Last batch on the Yeah I Know It Sucks Radio Show FUNDERGROUND!

Yeah I Know It Sucks

YIKIS presents:
/an adventurous eclectic adventure through the funderground/

Hello and welcome at another epic trip episode of the Funderground, one in which you can expect the unexpected in a one hour long continuous psychedelic mix with here and there some mixed in chit chat and tons of love. If you have an open minded taste you will be delighted to find that this episode will be your best friend! From pretty music, electronic bleeps, beats, tripped out vocals, breakcore, to electro acoustic, drone, noise and the whole adventurous spectrum of all that is between and beyond! it is truly wonderful!

Fun fact is that most of the music played in this episode is coming from netlabels,
so you might find yourself some free downloadable goodies too!

all credits go to the artists – please do check them out (links in the play-list!) and give…

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Magic From Space vol. 2 on YIKIS!

Thank you YIKIS!

Yeah I Know It Sucks

artist: Magic From Space
title: 🎶 4 HSP ć ASMR vol. 2
keywords: experimental acid ambient drone electro funk new age psychedelic techno vaporwave Fairfax
format: tape / digital
label: Ingrown Records

With a conscious concern I asked a 7 year old permission to play some music and when the answer was ‘yes’ I had no choice than playing 🎶 4 HSP ć ASMR vol. 2 as loud as possible, not because I had heard it before, but just because the volume button on the speakers had been broken and somehow got stuck on the loudest option. Luckily a few tracks in, the little one came running over and said (honestly) ‘Nice music!’, so I thought that would be enough for a review, really. I mean, more honest than the opinion of a drunk or a pure innocent child are hard to find. And even though this drunk over here…

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