Fall Batch on Tabs Out!

We are thankful to Tabs Out for including Oariana and Magic From Space in the latest edition of the Tabs Out Cassette Podcast!

And our Fall Batch got a writeup courtesy of The Ryan Masteller.

Early Fall Batch on Cassette Gods

Gut Fauna Cassette Tape on Tie Dye background from Cassette Gods
Gut Fauna Review

Oariana Cassette Tape on Tie Dye background from Cassette Gods
Oariana Review

Magic From Space Cassette Tape on Tie Dye background from Cassette Gods
Magic From Space Review

Oariana on YIKIS

Yeah I Know It Sucks

Artist: Oariana
Title: A Pear on the Wind
Keywords: experimental ambient drone electronic new age noise Washington
Label: Ingrown Records

From the beginning it was instantly as if we had become a ball in a very hectic tropical themed game within a pinball machine. Things would rattle & flicker as we shoot to score as much bonus points as possible. The one who must be playing this pinball game must be very good as we keep on spinning through bonus material, followed by extra bonus balls being launched into the game and those flippers holding most of them inside the machine for quite a while.

Somehow we as a ball in the pinball machine evolve into a ball in another pinball machine, this time it’s one not placed in a typical arcade, but now one that stands in heaven. You can hear that’s big winged angel has some quality pinball…

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J Hamilton Isaacs – Circumzenithal Arc


We are so honored to present this album from one of our favorite artists, whom we had the pleasure of meeting and recording on Aura Borealis back in 2017. Art by the legendary Ben Zoeller.

From the artist:

“A while back I became fixated on an atmospheric optical phenomenon known as Sun Dogs. You’ll see them when there are ice crystals in the upper atmosphere and light from the sun is reflected and bent to form a halo at 22º. At the top sometimes an arc of light that looks like an upside down rainbow is visible. This is called the circumzenithal arc. CZA is a musical appreciation and interpretation of these forms and how they manifest in nature and art. Around the time of completing this piece I received a commission from the Denver Botanic Gardens to provide musical interpretations to 5 large outdoor sculptures selected from their Spring 2019 exhibit entitled Human Nature.

This music was made from a perspective of finding beauty in physical light and channeling that appreciation to shine an inner metaphorical or metaphysical Light within.”


Circumzenithal Arc is now available for preorder from the Ingrown store.

odd person on Raised by Cassettes



shamane – ultra extra on YIKIS

Yeah I Know It Sucks

artist: shamane
title: ultra extra
keywords:  experimental abstract alien ambient autotune drone electronic esoteric exotica new age noise synth vocoder voice Washington
label: Ingrown Records

Sometimes the tag experimental gets used and abused by people who just do whatever anyone else has been doing, but when we really hear something that is planting the flag into ‘experimental’  as the word was intended for; real minds are blown apart in many lucky pieces! My mind was all over the place, but luckily the many unpaid assistants at the YIKIS office brushed all the pieces back together and stuck it all nicely back in through a unlucky nose hole. It was very nice of them that they did that, as without a brain I would probably not be able to report on ‘ultra extra’, the album that was solidly responsible for the brain explosion!

An album indeed nicely tucked in the experimental…

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Gut Fauna – Magicicada


Rounding out this early fall batch is Gut Fauna. Our latest addition to the label deliver on this powerful release and physical debut. We’re thrilled to get to work with them and can’t wait for what comes next! Art by Zoie Reamer.

Now available from the Ingrown store.