Hunki Dori – Reverie

Yeah I Know It Sucks

Artist: Hunki Dori
Title: Reverie
Keywords: new age, beautiful music, psychedelic, ambient, experimental
Label: ingrown records

Let’s go chill out, order a nice shot of something sweet and liquid. A cocktail of some colorful colours to sip up as your ears get served something equally full and mesmerizing colorful. After having a Reverie by Hunki Dori you simply feel like it’s the best thing to order wherever you go. In the pub, at a fancy restaurant or outside on the beach while talking to a confused takeaway cyclist. I mean sniff this stuff up and tell me that you want anything else. Unless you have a big hatred towards yourself or have other issues to deal with, it’s probably Hunki Dori that you want when you want to feel good for yourself. It’s that kind of arousing goodness that you feel it’s the kindest thing to give yourself, one that…

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World Carousel, by Orvang Halmer

Eternity Tree

World Carousel by Orvang Halmer is a collection of lovely and playful psychedelic noise tracks.

I found myself drifting deeply into a new world while listening to this one. I felt like perhaps I had become an NPC in some abandoned massively multiplayer realm, left to my own devices long after the player had wandered off. Tones, riffs, moods, energies and flavors all drift in and out of view as I stand firmly in my designated spot.

The sounds themselves are a healthy balance of humble nostalgia and brave experimentation. Synthesized melodies bend and warp around each other, briskly dissolving into the hazy atmosphere.

Lucky for us, the album is available on tape from the family at Ingrown Records! Order yourself a copy or stream the digital version now via Bandcamp.

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Zack Dolin – Dawn of Claymation

Yeah I Know It Sucks

Artist: Zack Dolin
Title: Dawn of Claymation
experimental ambient computer music drone electronic midi new age prog progressive progressive electronic progressive electronica synth vaporwave vgm videogame Fairfax
Label: Ingrown

Oh how cute, the spunkiness that this funk mini show of this album contains simply comes out to greatly greet us like a mouse from the  eighties who is just too smart for the cat to be caught. You can just see it wiggle its tail happily in its tiny spandex costume, you can imagine its smile under a fashionable sweaty headband.  The mouse isnt there dancing for nothing, as it surely likes cheese and the music is pretty much the best cheese for the ears. It got that high retro feel as if it had been formenting for years in between the safe walls…

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Cool Person – Grown Person

Yeah I Know It Sucks

Artist: Cool Person
Title: Grown Person
Keywords:  experimental ambient drone electronic experimental electronic new age noise psych psych-noise psychedelic noise synth vaporwave Fairfax
Label: Ingrown

The Cool Person lays back as it twirls up a unique skill to pull together the eccentric electric noises and simultaneously mingles them together with analogue and nature recordings. This formed a world of pleasure, of life that is very unique and more interesting than any advertised touristic spot has to offer. Together as a whole you can think of it as a fantasy land that you could only visit if you had been hanging your nose a little bit too long into the toxins of glue. It’s that kind of different. But one of the absolute plusses about this place is that there is no nastiness, no baddies or sadness – every step is just a joy to walk through. Things have their own…

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Dawn of Claymation, by Zach Dolin

Eternity Tree

Beautiful and Adorable sounds incoming!

Dawn of Claymation is a new 6-Track synth project by Zach Dolin brought to us by Ingrown Records. Hovering somewhere between chiptune soundtrack of your childhood favorite video game and long-lost solo project of *insert 70’s Prog Rock Keyboardist name here* – and the result is quite satisfying! Utilizing the Roland SC-88 Pro, Zach taps into the tones of the late 90’s, manifesting a strange world of freeware monster sprites zooming around the listener. Combined with the suggestion of “Claymation”, it is not hard at all to imagine these songs bumping behind some earthworm-jim-esque PC platforming. It’s triumphant and wholesome, with just enough substance to entice listen after listen. Giving this one a massive recommendation – you can pick up the digital version of the album via Bandcamp.

Consider supporting Ingrown Records directly as well as Zach via his personal bandcamp page!

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loka – Träumer on YIKIS

Yeah I Know It Sucks

Artist: loka
Title: Träumer
Keywords:  berlin experimental german germany ambient drone electronic meditative new age vaporwave Fairfax
Label: Ingrown Records

Just imagine like we are going away for a nice and cute little travel. We are fully packed with a sweet little backpack waiting patiently at some quiet station as our pink rail sliding vehicle arrives for us to enter. As we step happily into our little monorail thing of choice and speedily move into a world of friendly melodies, a true joyful bliss falls down on our eyelids, eardrums and you know all the inside bits that is keeping us alive, warm, happy and well.

With all this electronic fancy bliss that positively keeps shining on our carriage from all sides, it’s like we are moving through starfields that light our beautiful paths up ahead. Like we slip through dream dust and go underneath fancy rainbows. Dreamy melodies pling…

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