Meme Vivaldi – 420 Deluxe


Our old friend Meme Vivaldi returns with a deluxe version of a very limited tape release from the previous year 2017.

The prehistoric man, the neolithic myth, the supra-ancient legend is back! Meme Vivaldi (Afrika Pseudobruitismus) returns to Ingrown for their third cassette with us and we couldn’t be more honored and excited to present this very special release to you.

More than just a re-issue, 420 Deluxe builds on a very limited self-release to offer three times the art and twice the tunes. You could call it part album, part live performance, and part unreleased music! You know when erik puts his mind to it, the art is going to be fantastic and the sounds both silly, engaging, and absolutely spectacular. The sides may be pretty self-contained but each one is a wacky thrill ride from start to finish. Included on the B-Side is an unreleased (and extra spectacular) Afrika Pseudobruitismus track, as well as a live performance recording from 2016. That’s right, we’re putting out unreleased Afrika Pseudobruitismus in 2018!!!

Meme Vivaldi’s 420 Deluxe now available on Chrome cassette in the Ingrown store.


Healers i


We’re truly blessed to announce the return of our friend Will from Goat Lightning, Earth Tones, and Alosi Den ! Will has been with us since the very beginning when he first sent us a track for Spring Sprouts in 2012. Released on Ingrown in 2015, his album Light that Blinds (and Sister’s Crystals before that) remains one of my favorite releases. Healers builds on some of the sounds and themes of previous projects while forging something new altogether.

Healers is a brand new project with lots of exciting new tunes to come, and we can’t wait to see what happens next. Hope you enjoy, and be sure to check out all those other projects, as well.

Now available on Chrome cassette from the Ingrown store.

city dragon – bad bananas


City Dragon is back! Our favorite Parisian Max Kaario follows up the dogs dogs cassette with a love letter to the spoiled yellow fruit.

Chrome Cassette available now!

Order Now from the Ingrown store.

Eden Shoulders


Available NOW is this beautiful tape from France’s Julien (Garde Forestier) and Virginie (Virgine Colas). Previously released in Europe on Cocktail pueblo.

Pick it up from the Ingrown store.

3D RealDoll Beta

Are you still looking for love? Have you tried looking ON-LINE? How about virtual girlfriends? They’re all the rage these days. You too can experience the bliss of another’s love. Install 3D RealDoll Beta TODAY!


Pick up your installer from the Ingrown store.

X.Y.R. – Tourist 180g LP


Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 12.27.23 PM

We are honored and delighted to announce a 180g 12″ white vinyl release of X.Y.R.’s tourist. Just in time for those end of summer vibes and early fall feelings. Please join us in welcoming X.Y.R. to the Ingrown family.

Available now in the Ingrown store.

Corsica Annex – Fluid Electric


New ambient project from Brooklyn based Andrew Dickey, who has a few other releases on Illuminated Paths as LENT and Lurker Bias as Eigenface.

Cassette available now in the Ingrown store.